Stop Shouting for Losing Clients,We Give You Backups

2017-07-25 15:04 WBO Global

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Vintners running wine group purchase business mostly encounter such confusion: Clients with relatively strong purchasing power are lost after they learnt wine knowledge from vintners. They began to buy wine online themselves, or buy wine in other channels.

How to solve this problem? WBO interviewed some vintners who have built mature distributing networks, trying to find out the answers.

“Clients buying high-end wines showed no loyalty at all, some clients require price of parallel imports but quality of custom checked products, the unique needs of such clients are difficult to meet, loss is normal.” Said Yu Jun, a vintner based in Chengdu.

Wine itself: set reasonable price and avoid hot wine online

As Yu analyzed, selecting the right product is important for retaining relationship with clients. First, to comply with the developing needs of advanced clients; second, to take the initiative to abandon products with transparent price. For example, he updates the product line by gradually eliminate Bordeaux 1855 Grand Crus Classe, instead, expanding Grand Crus Classe of Saint-Emilion. In addition, he also keeps a watchful eye on online seller like and other wine online supplier promotions, to see whether they will impact his product system.

Price set is the art for retaining clients, some think low increase rate may work, but some does not agree.

"Compressing increasing rate of wine price will definitely not allow you to send frequent clients new wine samples, and not allow you to hold wine tasting for free, even difficult for you to send them gifts during festivals. What's more, clients always think you earned a lot, no matter how much you lower your price. It is better to retain sufficient profits to serve the clients and to provide them good experience." Said Xu Linxiang, another experienced vintner.

Whereas Yu pointed out, increase rate of wine price cannot be generalized, it is necessary to adjust marketing measures to local conditions according to products and regions. "Increase rate of 50% is reasonable for group purchase in second or third tier cities, wines with import price under CNY20 selling at doubled price sounds reasonable too. However, increase rate of Grand Cru Classe is and should be lower, with an increase rate of 10-15%"Said Yu.

Reaction speed, package and transportation is important

For group purchase clients, service is the best way to touch them, which online supplier or supermarkets can't provide.

Xu believes that: for frequent clients, vintners should launch membership card service. A certain amount of prepaid clients can enjoy a series of preferential, these incentives include wine set, gift package, and even wine tour. In a word, sustain good relationship with clients by new and creative gifts for long term.

Chen Weiran, a vintner based in Beijing, believes that instant response to client’s demand is also the key to retaining them. “Never let your clients wait for more than one minute, winning their trust by your professional service.” In her view, do not just throw a wine list to clients, that is, never give the job to clients to select themselves, choose the best and prepare all the work for them.

She also emphasizes the importance of wine package. Every company should have its own bag with remarkable logo, this is very important. And if you see the wine in some restaurants, better to take photos to them, to prove that your price is more competitive than others, which is the best way to give them the sense of satisfaction.