Learn from CIVB, Provides Participants with Funny Experience

2017-12-01 14:19 WBO Global

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Recently, Bordeaux Wine Association CIVB has just released a wine learning tool, the world's first professional education application OenoBordeaux for wine business insiders. Let's see how it works.

Deliever wine knowledge through interesting way


OenoBordeaux is an educational tool designed for smart phones, so that insiders can be accompanied by efficient learning at anytime and anywhere.


According to WBO, this APP provides free basic wine knowledge, professional skills improvement function and also customize training for wine companies.


After downloading the training module, users could manage daily learning plan intelligently, and control the rhythm of learning freely. The APP also has a variety of interesting games, allowing users learn easily and viewing online self-test and learning results.


In addition, OenoBordeaux shares authentic information happened in Bordeaux and world wine trend data, ready to be transmitted to the user immediately.


Certified Lecturer: APP is more open and sharable


Wang Canhui, a lecturer from CIVB, listed many advantages of OenoBordeaux:

 First, free APP, to some extent, catalyzed the consumer's desire to experience wine diversity, and made it easier for consumers to obtain systematic, professional and interesting wine training and information.



photo credit:CIVB


Second, although OenoBordeaux mainly promotes on Bordeaux wines, but the APP involves several aspects on global vineyards and wines worldwide, especially on basic wine knowledge, more than just Bordeaux, so we can find this is a relatively open platform.


Third, CIVB has built an exemplary role for other world wine associations, its overall promotion has quick and effective spread for these wine regions, attacting more attentions.


To find the best marketing way for wine associations


Indeed, many wine associations appeared in China, who already had their own promotion methods for years, while CIVB is the prime example including both “fashionable” and “useful” characteristics .


photo credit:Wine Australia


In this regard, WBO suggests that foreign wine associations better to seek professional strategic partners who know China market well, not just take big PR company into consideration, also try with national mainstream media or regional wine associations. After all, wine businessparticipants need wine knowledge apart from just English and communication skills.


In promotions like road shows and tasting events, wine associations should firstly aim at wine business participants, and then consumers, because wine companies are ones who really purchase wines and helps in the further promotion in the first stage.


When wineries prefer consumer marketing, regional KOLs or mass media will be the best choices. Invite people to taste wines and enjoyed in wine activities, better not set up online shop directly to consumers, unless the region has established fame and popularity in China.


Only by helping vintners to learn more about wine and local culture, it is possible to increase wine sales in China, and ultimately benefit wineries.